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Sep 19, 2016


* Virginia - Truckers are facing a new kind of scrutiny — electronic data tracking

---  Big-rig driver John “Randy” Saunders recently had a scare – caused by a turtle... He was going 37 mph... If he had braked hard enough to drop his speed by 27 mph in three seconds, an electronic-logging device, or “ELD,” in his truck would have recorded the whole thing: his exact speed, digital snapshots of his actions in the moments before he braked, and latitude and longitude, among other things... Saunders would have been required to go back to his company’s office and fill out paperwork explaining why he had to brake so hard – even though he had hit nothing... As it turns out, he hadn’t triggered what’s known as a “hard brake violation.” But his experience reflects the extent to which virtually every movement of a truck driver is under close scrutiny, in one form or another... The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is requiring commercial truck and bus drivers to use electronic-logging devices beginning in December 2017... The regulatory agency estimates that using the devices will result in annual savings of more than $1 billion, by cutting the expense of processing all that paper. It’ll also save an estimated 26 lives a year and prevent 562 injuries resulting from crashes involving big commercial motor vehicles, according to a statement announcing the rule’s adoption in December...
 (Photo: Mike Innes, 52, of Norfolk, is a distpacher at Century Express. He explains the installation of a dash link for "engine-connected-electronic-log")   --   Norfolk, VA, USA - The Virginian-Pilot, by Robert McCabe - Sep 17, 2016

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