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Aug 29, 2016

UBER for COURIERS * Australia: New logistics software

* New South Wales - A new logistics company plans to shake up the delivery business

--- Brad Lorge a software engineer is the co-founder of Premonition, a logistics optimisation firm helping online retailers and shipping companies meet heightened consumer expectations and develop more sustainable supply chains... Lorge says Premonition’s platform is unique globally, and is already helping to manage the deployment of thousands of vehicles on Australian roads, saving tens of thousands of kilometres each day... Premonition’s technology can optimise large job sets, rerouting multiple vehicles in real-time based on a plethora of factors: changed traffic conditions, weather, delivery windows, incoming orders and returns, truck capacity, a driver’s final destination and consumer requests such as redirected parcels... Machine learning means it can also predict changes that might disrupt the normal sequence of a logistics chain, helping solve problems for couriers before they arise...
(Photograph: Dan Himbrechts/AAP - Delivery vehicles are major greenhouse gas emitters but new software reroutes trucks with real-time data and machine learning)   --  Sidney, NSW, Australia - The Guardian (UK), by Myles Gough - 23 August 2016



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