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Aug 18, 2016

TRUCKs' EMISSIONS REDUCTION * USA: 54.5 miles per gallon by 2015

* DC - New Rules require heavy-duty trucks to reduce emissions by 25% over the next decade
--- The Obama administration on Tuesday issued aggressive new emissions standards for heavy-duty trucks. The rules are expected to achieve better fuel efficiency and a bigger cut in pollution than the version that was first proposed last year... Officials said the new standards would require up to a 25 percent reduction in carbon emissions for big tractor-trailers over the next 10 years, and somewhat smaller improvements for delivery trucks, school buses and other large vehicles... Over all, administration officials said the new rules would cut 1.1 billion metric tons of carbon emissions through 2027 and represent a global benchmark for reducing vehicle-exhaust pollutants linked to climate change... The Obama administration has already mandated big increases in fuel economy for passenger cars and trucks. The government recently affirmed its target of 54.5 miles per gallon as a fleetwide average by 2025... Some environmental groups suggested that the government could have set the standards even higher. “Our research shows that they could have gone further by requiring trucks to be at least 40 percent more efficient,” said David Cooke, a senior vehicles analyst with the Union of Concerned Scientists... Mr. Cooke said the onus is now on truck manufacturers to take full advantage of fuel-saving technology that is currently available... 
 (Photo by Fred R. Conrad for The New York Times)   --  Washington, DC, USA - The NYT, by BILL VLASIC - Aug 16, 2016

* DC - Trucking industry cautiously embracing new Federal standards

--- Major truck manufacturers and operators of large commercial fleets cautiously embraced federal standards released Tuesday requiring cuts in fuel usage of big trucks, one of the last in a long line of regulations President Barack Obama has issued over the past several years seeking to clamp down on greenhouse gas emissions across the U.S. economy... The Environmental Protection Agency and the Transportation Department jointly announced the final standards for big vehicles ranging from vans to garbage trucks to 18-wheelers that requires up to 25% lower carbon emissions and fuel consumption in certain models over the next decade compared with today... While large companies making engines and managing commercial fleets mostly backed the rules, others representing smaller companies and truck dealerships were more critical... The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association said new and more expensive technology requirements places an unfair burden on smaller truck companies that rely solely on their reputation and can’t wait years to pay off the standards’ cost. “One truck going down, that is a huge, huge impact,” said Scott Grenerth, regulatory affairs director for the association. He added that in 2014, 49% of all fleets only had one truck. “There is very little room for error in an industry that calculates things down to the penny per mile” ... A spokesman for the American Truck Dealers, a division of the National Automobile Dealers Association that represents 1,800 truck dealerships, said the group was still analyzing the rule but was “concerned with the possibility that compliance will prove too complex or expensive for the market (dealer customers) to accept without disruption.” ... 
(Photo: Reuters - A truck arrives through the tunnel at the Port of Miami on May 19. The federal government on Tuesday issued final carbon-emissions standards for big trucks)   --  Washington, DC, USA - The WSJ, by AMY HARDER and IMANI MOISE - Aug. 16, 2016

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