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Aug 16, 2016

TRUCKERS HEALTH * USA: Cab seat new technologies

* Massachusetts - Cab seat technology addresses driver health concerns

  (Video from Fleet Equipment - Feb 17, 2015: The new Bose Ride system II offers a three-position Ride Control selector, allowing drivers to customize their ride throughout the day. For these settings, three Bose control algorithms were developed and extensively road tested to ensure that the Bose Ride system II is effective for more trucking applications, with more drivers, and covering a greater range of road and surface conditions) 

 --- Driving a truck for hours on end day after day takes its toll on the body, but the engineers of today‚Äôs cab seats are doing more than ever to address driver health and comfort concerns. These seats offer an array of features that soothe body aches and pains, reduce vibration and accommodate the range of body sizes. Bose Corp. for example, not only is standard lumbar support available with most seats, there also are optional features that double or triple the support. Seats that can provide heat are common, but some also have ways to help drivers cool down in the heat and draw away moisture... But among the main goals for seat and truck manufacturers is reducing vibration. Drivers experience excessive exposure to whole body vibration... In recent years, a new option has become available. Bose Corp., based in Framingham, Massachusetts, came out with a truck seat that cancels out much of the vehicle-induced vibrations reaching the driver. The seat uses vibration cancellation algorithms that are similar to those used in their noise-cancellation headphones. This seat senses the vertical movements of the truck cab and moves the seat up or down to counteract those movements. Reducing whole body vibration reduces driver fatigue and pain... Most cab seats come with air suspension, which uses a flexible air bellows combined with a mechanical shock underneath the seat to absorb shocks and vibration... Bose Ride seats are available as an aftermarket installation and as an option with new cabs from Freightliner Trucks, a subsidiary of Daimler Trucks North America. Volvo Trucks also offers Bose Ride seats... 
 Framingham, MASS, U.S.A. - Transport Topics, by Bruce Lilly - Aug. 8, 2016



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