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Aug 23, 2016

TRUCKER, MOST DANGEROUS OCCUPATIONS * USA: Study by Bureau of Labor Statistics

* DC - The Bureau of Labor Statistics said, trucking among most dangerous occupations

--- Trucking is a dangerous job. Truckers account for 1 in 6 workers killed on the job, according to a blog written by two economists at the Bureau of Labor Statistics... According to economists Sean Smith and Patrick Harris, truckers are also three times more likely to experience nonfatal injuries and illnesses. In fact, truckers rank No. 6 among top occupations in terms of the rate of nonfatal injuries and illnesses that require days off work, accounting for nearly 1 in 20 cases. Police officers and sheriffs, firefighters, highway maintenance workers, correctional officers and nursing assistants were the occupations ranked ahead of truckers... In their study, truckers rank No.1 when accounting just for the number of incidents, with 55,710 reported in 2014. Slips, trips, falls and overexertion were the top causes of injuries... Among musculoskeletal disorders, truckers ranked No. 3. Overexertion from repeatedly loading/unloading, repeatedly entering/exiting a truck and prolonged sitting were among the factors... To add insult to (literal) injury, half of truckers required at least 20 days off work to recover from an incident. Across other occupations, half of workers needed only nine days to recover. More than 40 percent of injured truckers had to take off 31 or more days of work...
(Photo) -- Washington, DC, USA - Land Line Mag, by Tyson Fisher - 19 Aug 2016

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