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Aug 16, 2016

SCANIA news * Sweden: New urban-based vehicle concept

* Stockholm - Scania's Urban Tipper Concept looks to visibility

--- Swedish truck maker Scania is aiming to develop a new standard for tippers, releasing an Urban Tipper concept truck in the UK that places a greater emphasis on driver visibility and the safety of pedestrians and cyclists... The top supplier of 8X4 tippers in the region, Scania says it has teamed up with "its industry-partners and academic research bodies" to design future tippers slated for city centre operations... These discussions have led to the Urban Tipper... Featuring a range of technological advances, a lightweight body, and a 410hp SCR Euro 6 engine, the concept truck breaks away from the normal 8X4 configuration and instead focuses on manoeuvrability with a 8X2*6 layout that allows for three steering axles... With visibility obscured in some vehicles up to 1.5m, the research suggests vehicle height, driver seat location, window design, and windscreen apertures need to be examined when developing urban-based vehicles... 
(Photo: Scania's new Urban Tipper Concept)   --  Södertälje, Stockholm, Sweden - Trade Trucks (Australia) - 10 Aug 2016

* Scania teases next generation safety features

--- Scania has released further details about its next generation truck ahead, announcing it will be available with rollover side curtain airbags. In what the Swedish truck manufacturer describes as a "world first", the new airbags will be mounted into the headliner moulding above the driver and passenger doors and deploy in the event of a truck rollover... The man responsible for Scania’s crash safety system, Christofer Karlsson, says alongside the seatbelt, which "is essential to allow the safety systems to do their job and to ensure that the driver is not thrown out of the cab", the new solution improves the chances for both the driver and passenger...

(Image: Scania’s yet-to-be-launched truck will include side curtain airbags to assist in rollovers)
 ... Should a rollover occur, the truck maker says safety system sensors determine whether and when the range of airbags should be deployed – and when deployed, they inflate instantly... Scania says it will include a number of other active and passive safety features... 
(Photo: Scania's new airbag solution in action)   --  Södertälje, Stockholm, Sweden - ATN - 17 Aug 2016



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