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Aug 31, 2016

NIKOLA MOTOR news * USA: Hydrogen Fuel Cell trucks

* Utah - Nikola Motor plan flips to Hydrogen Fuel Cell truck

--- Startup electric truck maker Nikola Motor Co. says its upcoming Nikola One big rig will be powered by a hydrogen fuel cell – a sudden switch from earlier plans to build a truck that would use a natural gas-fueled turbine to generate electricity off the drive system... The change is part of a new plan announced by the Salt Lake City company Tuesday to develop a freight system that is completely emissions free, down to the source of the energy powering the vehicle’s drivetrain... Nikola – named for visionary inventor Nikola Tesla – wants to be the first company to be “100% emission-free from energy production to transportation to consumption,” said Trevor Milton, the company’s chief executive... All Class 8 trucks made by the company for the U.S. and Canada will run on custom-made hydrogen-electric 800V fuel cells, allowing the vehicles to roam more than 1,200 miles between fill-ups, the company said... As part of its vertically integrated model, the company said it intends to build solar hydrogen farms. Each will use electrolysis to create hydrogen from water and produce more than 100 megawatts of power... 
(Photo from Nikola Motor - Nikola One big rig) -- Salt Lake City, UT, USA -, by TIFFANY HSU - August 30, 2016

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