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Aug 29, 2016

NEW Scania TRUCKS * Sweden

* Sweden - Scania introduces new model 10 years in the making

--- Swedish truck maker Scania is introducing a new range of trucks that it is calling the result of the largest investment in the company’s history... The new vehicles are designed with efficiency in mind, with new engine designs and aerodynamic solutions leading to an average of 5% decrease in diesel fuel consumption. Scania’s truck line will be launched in phases with a focus on various customer segments... Production of the new trucks starts immediately at Scania’s final assembly plant in Södertälje. Initially the focus will be on vehicles and services for long-haul transportation... 
(Photo by Gustav Lindh - Courtesy Scania)  --   Sodertalje, Sweden - TruckingInfo (USA) - August 24, 2016



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