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Aug 31, 2016

CONGESTION CHALLENGES * USA: Turned in operational opportunities

* Georgia - Climate and congestion change the way companies around the world do business

--- Already, congestion in the United States costs nearly $80 billion a year in wasted time and fuel — not to mention indirect costs to the environment. For UPS, congestion has made it more difficult to deliver goods quickly, efficiently, safely, and affordably in urban areas. To counter gridlock in the New York City metro area, for example, UPS dispatches approximately 60 additional delivery drivers and 20 additional tractor-trailer combinations than it did five years ago. And adding more vehicles to the road only contributes to further road congestion... Congestion’s impact on the environment is also an issue for our communities. In the United States, transportation is responsible for more than a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions. And the ramifications on our climate — including increased global temperatures and more extreme weather patterns — are well-documented around the world... The question today isn’t so much whether these issues pose significant risk, but what can be done about them... At UPS, one solution is our ORION navigation system — a world-class route optimization software that makes sure our delivery drivers follow the most efficient routes possible given a slate of packages. By the end of 2016 when ORION is fully implemented, we expect to achieve a reduction of 100 million miles annually, saving 10 million gallons of fuel and eliminating 100,000 metric tons of CO2 each year... Congestion and climate change have many interlocking parts, which can make it difficult to develop strategies to reduce traffic and emissions while meeting bottom-line demands. But I’m confident these issues can be addressed by working jointly with government authorities, technology and engineering firms, think tanks, academics, and companies of all sizes and scopes. Collaborative innovation today will pay immense dividends tomorrow. Together, we can turn our biggest challenges into our biggest opportunities... 
Atlanta, GA, USA - UPS ("United Problem Resolvers"), by Jim Bruce - 24 Aug 2016



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