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Aug 31, 2016

CHASSIS FEE PLAN * USA: Dropped by marine terminals

* California - Southern California terminal operators drop chassis fee plan

--- Southern California marine terminals have dropped a plan to charge chassis lessors $5 per unit traveling through cargo facilities in the face of opposition from the businesses that provide the majority of chassis equipment to move truck freight in the region... The announcement from the West Coast Marine Terminals Operating Agreement followed soon after leasing companies such as TRAC Intermodal, Flexi-Van and Direct Chassis Link protested the move at the Federal Maritime Commission, petitioning to have the fee canceled... Terminal operators argued that they pay $200,000 per acre in fees to the port to lease land that is largely used to stack chassis... Chassis owned by ocean carriers, which in some cases own terminals, as well as privately owned chassis provided by parties such as truckers wouldn’t be charged the fee... 
(Photo: Chassis at the Port of Long Beach) -- San Diego, CAL, USA - Transport Topics, by Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg News - 23 Aug 2016

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