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Aug 18, 2016

Can't meet EPA's pricey truck rules? * USA: Just pay the fine !!!

* DC - Truckmakers will just pay fines in lieu of compliance

--- The Obama administration is letting trucking companies buy their way out of new climate rules, by simply paying a fine if they can't comply... The Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Transportation finalized the new joint greenhouse gas and fuel efficiency rules for big semi-truck haulers, vans and school buses on Tuesday... Buried deep in the rules are changes to a complicated fining mechanism that the agency uses to continue progress when companies, for economic reasons, cannot comply... Many large manufacturers and trucks fleet operators, such as engine maker Cummins and heavy-duty truck owners Waste Management, Pepsi Co., say they support the rules. But there still is concern among truck retailers, who fear smaller companies could be hurt by the rules... The EPA says manufacturers and truckmakers will just pay fines in lieu of compliance. The hope is that the penalties are temporary and the companies step up to comply... The penalties aren't the more common penalties EPA uses to enforce its regulations. These are a new class of fines called "nonconformance penalties" ... So, basically, a company pays the fine, instead of meeting the standard...
(Photo)  --  Washington, DC, USA - The Washington Examiner, by JOHN SICILIANO - 18 Aug 2016

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