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Aug 31, 2016

BORDER TROUBLES * Afghanistan / Pakistan

* Islamabad - Border closing costs locals, traders

--- Hundreds of long-haul container trucks lined the street or crowded the dusty open yards on both sides of the Wesh-Chaman border crossing between Afghanistan and Pakistan Wednesday... With no trees nearby, drivers and their staff used their own vehicles to find shelter from the blistering sun. Some passed time by playing board games with their neighbors; others cooked or made tea on makeshift campfires while their colleagues caught some sleep... The nearest shops on the Pakistani side are almost six kilometers away, in the border town Chaman. The drivers took turns to buy food or groceries in Chaman by traveling on the preferred form of local transport — a motorcycle-drawn carriage called a ching-chi rickshaw... 
(Photo: Trucks at border. Chaman Wesh closure enters into 12th day) -- Wesh Chaman, Pakistan - VOA news - 29 Aug 2016



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