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Jul 28, 2016


* Texas - Why Texas-Mexico trade corridors keep on trucking

--- Uncertainty over the future of the North American Free Trade Agreement has not stopped Texas from continuing to invest in freight routes across the Rio Grande, including two corridors seen as competitors for the Panama Canal... Increasingly, the state's transportation planners are trying to coordinate developments in Mexico with those in Texas in hopes of capitalizing on lucrative trade deals... "A greater awareness of Mexico's freight transportation policies and planned infrastructure improvements is needed to allow the public and private sector to effectively plan for anticipated growth in trade," according to the Texas Freight Mobility Plan issued in January by the Texas Department of Transportation... The advisory committee that wrote the report was led by Harris County Judge, Ed Emmett, and included Texas Secretary of State, Carlos Cascos, representatives of trucking, rail, energy and related industries, along with other local officials in key transportation cities... 
(Image from TTI - Delays in shipping across the congested El Paso-Juarez border have led to competing corridors in New Mexico and Arizona)   --   Dallas, TXS, USA - Bondbuyer, by Richard Williamson - July 25, 2016

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