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Mar 1, 2013


* USA - Here's Barack Obama's Plan to fix America's crumbling roads and bridges

Washington,DC,USA -AP/Business Insider, by Grace Wyler -Feb. 26, 2013: -- Even as Congress remains at a budget impasse, President Barack Obama continues to tout his plans to increase federal investment in the nation's ailing infrastructure, a $50 billion initiative that the White House claims will spur job creation and economic growth... What remains unclear, however, is how the Obama administration plans to pay for this and other infrastructure initiatives that the President outlined in his State of the Union speech last month... In a speech to the National Governors Association Monday, the President fleshed out additional details of the plan, announcing that his administration will create "regional teams" that will assist states in implementing infrastructure projects...

* USA - Senate bill would create national infrastructure bank

Washington,DC,USA -Land Line, by David Tanner -28 Feb 2013: -- A bill filed by two prominent U.S. senators John D. “Jay” Rockefeller, D-WV, and Frank Lautenberg, D-NJ, would create a national infrastructure bank to attract private investment. And although funding is needed for infrastructure, truckers and other highway users are concerned about the likelihood of tolls being used as a revenue source to keep the bank stocked... They say the bill addresses the growing shortfall in transportation funding... S387 calls for $5 billion in seed money to start the bank in an effort to attract private investment not just in highways and bridges but in railways, runways, ports and pipelines as well...

* Australia - Safer roads for Australia's truck drivers 

Canberra,ACT,Australia -Minister for Insfrastructure and Transport (PR) -1 March 2013: -- The Federal Labor Government, states and territories, local governments and the trucking industry have agreed to provide $82 million to upgrade the safety of Australia's road network... Around $67 million of this funding will be used to build or upgrade 50 rest areas, improve signage along the nation's highways and trial smart technologies, making it safer for truck drivers to take a break or reconfigure their trailers... These projects have been approved under the Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity Program —the first ever dedicated Federal response to the lack of safe, modern rest stops along the nation's highways... Delivering modern rest areas and roadside facilities means truck drivers can take a break, making highways safer for everyone...

* India - Union Budget 2013 Rs 14,883 crore for buses, increased import tax, SUV’s costlier

New Delhi,India -Rushlane, by Nabanita Singha Roy -February 28, 2013: -- Union Budget India 2013 Rs 14,883 crore for buses, increased import tax, SUV’s costlier. Excise duty on Sports Utility Vehicles is increased by 3%, from 27% to 30%... Union Finance Minister, P Chidambaram, has allocated Rs 14,883 crore for purchase of 10,000 buses. A financial boost to the commercial vehicle sector was much needed, and under the city modernisation scheme, the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission ( JNNURM) aid for budget 2013-14 is highly appreciated... J. V. Adhia, Vice President, Finance, Atul Auto Ltd had this to say about Budget 2013: "The Infrastructure projects have also got a good benefit with the tax free bonds; now we expect a change in the infrastructure in India too. With the budget we doubt if the fiscal deficit will really be reduced by 4.8%. A lot of plans introduced by the Finance Minister are similar to the last year’s, but overall a neutral budget” ...



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