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Sep 30, 2010

TRUCKS SAFETY * USA & Canada - Want to cut emissions quickly? Use the right tires

Stockholm,Sweden -Fleet Owners, by Brian Straight -September 29th, 2010: -- A new study conducted by Volvo Trucks and Michelin over in Europe claims that using the wrong tires and having improper wheel alignment can increase carbon dioxide emissions by as much as 14.5%... The study was conducted using two Volvo FH 4×2 trucks, each equipped with a 500 hp., 13-litre Euro 5 engine, and hauling a fully loaded trailer. The rigs each weighed 40 tons. One rig was driven with a variety of incorrect wheel alignment settings while the other used optimally aligned wheels and with standard tractor and trailer tires supplied by Michelin... The test truck was also run with various tyres and various tyre pressures. The testing was reviewed by Mats Lidbeck from the Technical Research Institute of Sweden, who served as an independent auditor of the testing... The companies found several interesting facts, not the least of which is that using the correct tire can cut fuel consumption 11% with correct tire inflation reducing it another 1%... The study also revealed that another 2.5% of fuel can be eliminated by properly aligning the wheels... The keys to cutting carbon emissions when it comes to tires are simple: Low-rolling resistance tires, maintaining proper inflation, and keeping vehicles aligned. Managers spend plenty of time spec’ing the right equipment for their application. It’s also important to spec the right tires and then properly maintain them once the vehicle hits the road... (Photo from o.aolcdn: Penny tire thread check)

* DC,USA - Senators push for EOBRs in all trucks

Washington,DC,USA -Land Line Magazine, by Jami Jones -Sept. 29, 2010: -- If Senators Mark Pryor and Lamar Alexander get their way, all trucks will have electronic on-board recorders installed... They introduced Senate Bill today that if passed into law would mandate that 100 percent of all “commercial motor vehicles involved in interstate commerce and subject to hours of service be equipped with EOBRs” ... Spencer also points out that EOBRs of any kind will require input from the drivers. That interaction alone is enough to show that the black boxes cannot be any more reliable in documenting true HOS compliance than paper logs... The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration adopted a regulation that will mandate the use of the devices for motor carriers with a record of chronic noncompliance with the HOS regs... The regulation mandates EOBRs for motor carriers with a 10 percent or greater violation rate of the hours-of-service regulations. The EOBR rule officially went into effect June 4. The compliance deadline for the regulation is June 4, 2012... (Photo from mobiletechnology)

* DC, USA - Five major U.S. trucking companies endorse EOBRs for all commercial trucks

Washington,DC,USA -Logistic Management, by John D. Schulz -September 29, 2010: -- Five leading U.S. trucking companies are calling for federal regulations that would require all interstate trucking companies to install electronic on-board recorders (EOBRs) on all their trucks to verify legal duty status of their drivers... The companies endorsing the bill are five giants in the truckload sector—Schneider National (second-largest TL carrier by revenue), U.S. Xpress (fourth largest), J.B. Hunt Transportation Services (fifth largest), Knight Transportation (10th largest), and Maverick USA, a major flatbed carrier with more than $300 million in revenue... (Image from lm.ehpub: EOBR story)

* USA - OOIDA blasts proposal to require EOBRs in all trucks. "There is no data to show that EOBRs will increase highway safety", says OOIDA official Todd Spencer

Grain Valley,MO,USA -The Trucker -30 Sept 2010: -- The proposed Senate bill to require all commercial trucks to operate with electronic on-board recorders drew fire Thursday from the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association... OOIDA officials said while the proposal might sound good on paper, EOBRs are no better than paper logbooks for tracking truckers’ hours of service, despite claims by some entities “that will cash in on a government mandate... OOIDA noted that in June the organization filed a legal challenge of an EOBR regulation by FMCSA that will mandate the use of the devices for motor carriers with a record of chronic non-compliance with hours of service regulations...

* Canada - RCMP officials alarmed about the safety of certain lift axle semi-trailers. Road tests raising alarm

Edmonton,ALB,CAN -The Vancouver Sun/Edmonton Journal, by Darcy Henton -September 29, 2010: -- RCMP officials are alarmed about the safety of certain lift axle semi-trailers in the wake of two fatalities in Alberta... Tests conducted two weeks ago showed trucks pulling trailers with some designs of lift axles — which can be raised from the pavement to minimize wear and tear when the truck is unloaded — take nearly twice as long to stop under some conditions and the weight on their axles reached levels that could overstress both axles and tires... RCMP Cpl. Barry Red Iron, the RCMP's forensic collision reconstructionist for southern Alberta, said he began looking into lift axle truck safety after a May 25 crash near Granum, Alta., about 150 kilometres south of Calgary, in which one man was killed and another seriously injured when a motorcycle collided with a semi-trailer truck... He said the lift axle system likely was not a factor in that crash because the trailer was empty, but the Granum fatality and a second one in Calgary raised enough concern to prompt tests at Edmonton Garrison in May and at a testing facility on Sept. 14... The test results shocked truckers and owners of trucking firms. Some said the units that failed the test should be recalled and manufacturers should be advised of the issue and required to address it...

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STRIKES * India - Port Nehru Truckers Strike

Drivers protest congestion at terminal operated by DP World

Port Nehru,Maharashtra,India -The Journal of Commerce Online -Sep 28, 2010: -- A sudden strike by container truck drivers Tuesday morning threatened serious delays to cargo moving through Nhava Sheva International Container Terminal in India’s Port of Jawaharlal Nehru, the country’s largest maritime container gateway... The Nhava Sheva Container Operators’ Welfare Association is protesting persistent delays at the terminal operated by DP World... The association said the Dubai-based company offered “volume-based discount schemes” to major ocean carriers in a bid to lure business away from the other two terminals in the port, creating a tight capacity situation with more ship calls... A shipping line agent at Nhava Sheva said no settlement was reached late Tuesday, and terminal management agreed to hold another round of talks with striking drivers Wednesday morning... (Photo from wikipedia: Jawaharlal Nehru Trust Port)


TRUCKS SALES * USA - Used truck-sales and prices- climb

Columbus,IN,USA -Fleet Owner -Sep 29, 2010: -- Reported sales of used Class 8 commercial vehicles were up 55% in August compared to the prior year on a “same dealer” basis, according to the latest release of ACT Research Co.’s State of the Industry: U.S. Classes 3-8 Used Trucks. The analysis and forecasting firm also reported that the average price paid for a used Class 8 truck continued to move “slightly higher” ... According to ACT, its Used Truck database participants report approximately 2,500 transactions per month... ACT estimates that approximately 10% of used Class 8 transactions are included in the database... The ACT report also provides data on the average used price for the top-selling Class 8 model for each of the major truck OEM brands – Freightliner, Kenworth, Peterbilt International and Volvo... (Photo from crookmotors: used trucks)


Electric Trucks * Germany - Van concept launched by Opel/Vauxhall

Germany -Transport Engineer (UK), by John Challen -28 Sept 2010: -- Opel has unveiled an electric version of its Vivaro van, which, according to the company, has a very good chance of making it into production... The electric Vivaro is equipped with a 111kW/h lithium-ion battery pack, which supplies 370Nm of torque and enables a range of more than 60 miles. However, an engine is also onboard, which, working with the pure electric propulsion, extends the range to jump to about 250 miles... Chris Lacey, executive director, international operations at Opel/Vauxhall commercial vehicles, explains that the lithium ion battery modules, which can be re-charged on a standard household 240V outlet, are mounted under the floor of the vehicle – so are protected from the elements. The van offers up to 750kg of payload... (Photo from nationwidevehiclecontracts (uk): An Electric van concept launched by Opel and Vauxhall)

* Japan - Mitsubishi Fuso unveils all-electric concept van

(Video from YouTube, by FleetOwnerMagazine -29 Sept 2010: Walk around of the Cantor E-Cell electric truck at the 2010 IAA truck show in Hannover, Germany)

Hanover,Germany -Fleet Owner (USA), by Brian Straight -Sep 29, 2010: -- Mitsubishi Fuso used the recent IAA Commercial Vehicles show in Hannover, Germany, to show off an all-electric concept van based on its popular Canter van... The Canter, which is sold as a Class 3 diesel or hybrid vehicle in the U.S. and around the world, is larger van than the Vito, which is a light-duty vehicle... The batteries, which Daimler said will provide 40 kW-hr for a range of 120 km or about 75 mi., fit along the frame rails of the vehicle. Fully depleted, the batteries will require six hours of charging time from a 380-volt source, Daimler said... With a gross vehicle weight of 3.5 tons, the Canter E-Cell produces 300 Nm and is limited to 80 km/h, or almost 50 mph... It uses a lithium-ion battery for electric power, producing 107 kW (145 hp.) of power. The batteries are designed to last ten years or 300,000 km (186,000 mi.), according to Mitsubishi Fuso. It uses 10-15% less fuel than a conventional diesel-powered light-duty truck and a corresponding reduction in CO2 emissions, the manufacturer added...

* China - Foton, Daimler truck JV deal okayed by shareholders

Beijing,China -Global Times/Gasgoo -September 28, 2010: -- Daimler and Foton Motor Sign Joint Venture Contract and Receive Approval for Truck Production in China... Chinese truck maker Beiqi Foton announced Sunday that all its shareholders have given consent on the deal with Germany's Daimler AG and Daimler North East Asia... The Chinese firm said that the 50-50 truck venture (Foton 50 percent, Daimler AG 40 percent, and Daimler North East Asia 10 percent) Beijing Foton Daimler Automotive Co. would start producing diesel engines in 2011 and trucks in 2012, with annual heavy-duty truck sales projected at 100,000 units from 2012 to 2015...

* China - Aspires to lead global electric vehicle industry. Government Policy Creates Boundaries for Global OEMs

London,UK -Hybrid-EV -Sept. 23, 2010: -- Policies targeting foreign automakers’ technology attract global criticism... China’s policy suggests that barriers will be created for global automakers in an endeavour to accelerate the production of electric and hybrid vehicles in the domestic market. The government is preparing a plan which could force global automakers to share technology with local companies in order to enter into the Chinese market... According to the ten-year US$15bn stimulus plan formulated by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, global automakers will be required to form minority joint-ventures (JVs) with Chinese manufacturers to participate in the market. Inevitably, it indicates that the government wants to manufacture EVs using intellectual capital built by foreign automakers as part of R&D efforts... In June, the Chinese government announced that it would issue a subsidy policy to encourage mass adoption of electric and hybrid vehicles in the country. The government intends to offer up to CNY60,000 (US$7,175) to consumers for buying EVs and up to CNY50,000 (US$5,979) for plug-in hybrid vehicles... The two-year program will start in five major cities (Shanghai, Hangzhou, Changchun, Shenzhen and Hefei) later this year, and is expected to be extended to buyers in other cities in the future... The subsidies will be available to domestic automakers or JVs only... However, the road map to commercialise EVs in the country with too much government involvement and regulatory practices in such a biased way could jeopardise the image of China in the global market place. The country is already facing criticism from international automakers, including GM, for its electric and hybrid vehicle regulations... (Image: made-in-china: Wuling D150 Electric Truck)

* USA - 15 Minute Recharging Underway for Electric Vehicle Owners from Eaton and Murphy Oil

Detroit,MICH,USA -The Detroit Bureau, by Ken Zino -Sep. 24, 2010: -- It looks like a gas pump back there behind the Mitsubishi, but it's actually a 15-minute recharger... The Achilles’ heal of electric vehicles is range all, except fanatics admit, and in every problem there’s an opportunity. At least that’s the thinking behind the latest announcement from Eaton Corporation and Murphy Oil USA that starts an alliance to provide fast charging for range-challenged EVs at Murphy’s gas stations... After an initial test at one location in Tennessee, the joint venture could expand during the next three years to the more than 1,000 retail gasoline stations in 22 states that Murphy owns and operates... Key here is Eaton’s DC industrial charger, which in theory can provide 15 minute refills of down-and-about-to-be-out-of-spunk EVs. This isn’t a wimpy home charging unit that takes 8 to 12 hours to recharge the EV and cost the owner $1,000 to $2,000 or more to install. Eaton’s is a 500-volt DC powerhouse that is ideal for commercial applications such as service stations and –stay tuned – delivery fleets... (Photo: It looks like a gas pump back there behind the Mitsubishi, but it's actually a 15-minute recharger)

* USA - Total ownership cost key to electric truck appeal

New York,NY,USA -Fleet Owner, by Sean Kilcarr -Sep 30, 2010: -- As more light- and medium-duty all-electric truck models are rolled out for commercial fleets, a new report indicates the future success of such vehicles hinges on their ability to deliver lower total cost of ownership (TCO) then their gasoline- and diesel-powered brethren... According to IDC’s latest report – The Coming Electric Vehicle Rollout: Forecasting the Market – even with depreciation of the pricey battery packs required to power electric vehicles (EVs), they are still typically more cost-effective on a TCO basis compared to petroleum-powered vehicles... Sam Jaffe, research manager for consulting firm IDC Energy, said it costs 10 to 13 cents to push a gasoline-powered car one mile at current prices, but costs somewhere between 2 and 5 cents to do the same with an EV... Yet it’s the overall TCO figures that will drive EV demand: so much so that IDC predicts that over 885,000 plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) will be sold in North America by 2015, with almost 800,000 units being sold in Europe and 2.7 million worldwide within the next four years as well... Jaffe added PEV penetration rates could reach as much as 4% of the global automotive fleet by 2020, but that even within this aggressive scenario, the overall impact on utility revenue and electricity demand will be relatively limited, with PEVs consuming approximately the same amount of electricity as electric clothes dryers do... While IDC’s Jaffe believes there’s plenty of electricity generation capacity to power significant numbers of commercial and consumer EVs and PEVs, the tricky problem will be managing spikes in demand that occur when such vehicles are recharged...

* USA - FCCC unveils all-electric chassis and body package

Dearborn,MICH,USA –Freightliner chassis -Sep 30, 2010: -- Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp. has introduced an all-electric walk-in van (WIV) chassis with restyled body from Morgan Olson... First introduced earlier this year, FCCC’s MT-EV WIV is both lightweight and aerodynamic, the company said. FCCC worked with Morgan Olson to create new exterior and interior body styling for the all-electric van to further increase its value to delivery van owners... The new package was introduced this week at the Hybrid Truck Users Forum (HTUF). The interior of the cab features an automotive-style interior, maximizing driver comfort and productivity, the companies said...



Briefing Weekly News

(Photo from JOC)

from Freight Forwarding

* WTO raises forecast for trade growth in 2010
- Following faster than expected recovery in global trade flows so far in 2010, WTO economists have revised their projection for world trade growth in 2010 upwards to 13.5%. Read Full Brief Here

* Maersk Distribution Services integrated with Damco
- Damco, the logistics arm of A.P. Moller-Maersk, has announced that Maersk Distribution Services Inc. (MDSI) will be integrated into Damco. Read Full News Here

from Contract Logistics

* DHL eyes up opportunities in Japan
- ... DHL Supply Chain Japan’s new President, Shuichi Kawamura, says that his company is well placed to take advantage of structural changes within the market. Read Full Brief Here

* TDG wins high tech logistics contract
- CommScope, a provider of infrastructure solutions for communications networks, has selected TDG to be its single Northern Europe logistics service provider. Read Full News Here

from Express & Mail

* Grimaldi pulls out of ‘Motorways of the Sea’ project
- EU attempts to manage the transport economy of Europe have received a blow with the withdrawal of ferry company Grimaldi from the first ‘Motorways of the Sea’ project. Read Full Brief Here

* DHL Express announces 2011 rate rises in Asia Pacific region

- DHL Express has announced a general average price increase of up to 4% across the Asia Pacific region, effective January 1, 2011. Read Full News Here

* Western Union and DHL sign MOU
- The Western Union Company and DHL Express are to expand their cooperation to introduce international business payment services to DHL customers throughout Europe. Read Full News Here

from Road Freight

* Greek truck strike shows how transport markets differ in Europe
- To those who still think that there is something approximating to a single European market, the present events in Greece are educative. Read Full Brief Here

* Kuehne + Nagel strengthens road logistics network in France
- Kuehne + Nagel has further expanded its road logistics network in France with the official inauguration this month of a newly-built hub in Chaponnay, south east of Lyon. Read Full News Here

* Dachser opens new centre in Copenhagen
- German logistics company Dachser has opened its new Copenhagen logistics centre on a 70,000 sqm site in Hvidovre. Read Full News Here

* P&O Ferrymasters wins white goods contract in Central Europe
- P&O Ferrymasters has signed an agreement to carry washing machines and refrigerators from Samsung’s factory in Wronki, Poland. Read Full News Here

* Nissan chooses NYK in Europe
- NYK Logistics has been awarded a contract by Nissan Motor Manufacturing for its Central European collections. Read Full News Here

from Air Cargo

* Cotecna subsidiary in Ghana signs new Destination Inspection contract
- Gateway Services Ltd, Cotecna’s subsidiary in Ghana, has signed a five-year contract with the Government of Ghana to continue providing Destination Inspection services. Read Full News Here

* GOL cargo division opens new airport terminal in São Paulo
- GOLLOG, the cargo division of leading Latin America region low-cost airline GOL, has opened a new terminal at Congonhas airport in São Paulo, Brazil. Read Full News Here

* Panalpina adds more own-controlled freighter services
- Panalpina has announced the introduction of additional own-controlled regular air freight services connecting Luxembourg with destinations such as South Africa, Dubai and Hong Kong. Read Full News Here

* Atlas Air agrees new wet lease contract with TNT Airways
- Atlas Air, Inc. has entered into a contract with TNT Airways, the Belgium-based aviation division of TNT. Read Full News Here

from Warehousing

* ProLogis leases to third party operator in Chicago
- ProLogis has signed a third-quarter lease agreement for approximately 105,000 square feet of previously unleased space in Chicago. Read Full News Here

from Shipping/Ports

* UPS unveils enhanced Asia-US ocean freight LCL service
- UPS has launched a new Asia-US ocean freight service which is said to provide up to 20% faster door-to-door delivery than other LCL (less-than-container-load) services in that market. Read Full News Here

* Container liners in fight against piracy
- The world’s largest container shipping companies have decided to cooperate in the fight against piracy in the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean. Read Full News Here

from Intermodal

* DB Schenker opens Czech logistics centre
- DB Schenker Logistics has expanded its network in south eastern Europe, adding a new logistics centre in Pardubice, Czech Republic. Read Full News Here


Sep 29, 2010

DRIVERS' FATIGUE * Australia - Truck drivers pushed to the limit

A study reveal long-haul truck drivers are being pushed to the limit to make ends meet

Sidney,Australia -Supply Chain -September 29, 2010: ... The Transport Workers Union has been given the preliminary findings of a study, funded by WorkCover NSW, shows drivers are frequently forced to break driving regulations due to workload pressure... “Anne Williamson’s study (*) shows that drivers on long haul are working an average of 68 hours a week while a almost a third are breaking all driving laws and doing more than 72 hours a week,” TWU National Secretary Tony Sheldon says... “We also have only 25 per cent of drivers paid of waiting times, and almost 60 per cent of drivers surveyed are not paid for loading or unloading. This pressure adds up and that is why we are seeing 60 per cent of drivers admit to ‘nodding off’ at the wheel over the last 12 months” ... While the study is not due for release until later this year, the TWU is using it to reiterate its call for a new remuneration structure for the trucking industry... “Truck drivers have no guarantee of full-cost recovery as it is. We need a system of safe rates across the country, where drivers can get all costs back for rising charges and fluctuating fuel prices, otherwise we are going to see rising economic pressure cause further unsafe practices,” Sheldon says... Prime Minister Julia Gillard was due to release a paper in July from the Safe Rates Advisory Group outlining recommendations to reform pay rates... The authors of a 2008 study on pay rates, Professor Michael Quinlan and Lance Wright QC, criticised those who deny a connection between low pay and poor safety outcomes... (* Study by University of NSW Professor Ann Williams and Rena Friswell from the NSW Injury Risk Management Research Centre)


DRIVERS' SHORTAGE * USA - Truck Driver Salaries

If the American truckers decided to strike, this country would be doomed

USA -Winch -September 29, 2010: -- The U.S. trucking industry hauls more than nine billion tons of cargo a year in the country. This works in more than 64 percent of the nation's freight. How important is trucking to American consumers? The number of municipalities, which is exclusively on trucks for delivery of goods by an astonishing seventy (70) percent!... If the American truckers decided to strike, this country would be doomed. Within days, the shelves would be empty,and all the necessities that we, the consumers, take for granted would be gone. In a week we had the appearance of a Third World country. It 's true what they say. . . "Without trucks America stop" ... On average, a driver on the road 100,000 miles a year. This is the same as driving around the earth four times! While the driver of the road for 21 years, collecting about 2.22 million miles, is led by the same planetjust over 89 times. I have professional drivers, reached five million miles in his career. . . This is 200.75 times around the earth! Amazing when you think about it... That a pilot can expect to pay for all these miles? The driver of the average company now earns between $ 32,400 and $ 42,300. . . depending on the size of the company. Most owner operators salaries between $ 100,000 and $ 150,000 per year, but with an average. The operational costs by 50%, their average net income $ 50,000 $ 75,000. . . if they are lucky... And 'this is worth all the stress and headaches that come with the trucking road? It's worth away from your family for a long time? These questions must be asked are... Trucking is a tremendous asset for our country and our way of life. The public does not understand...

Need a Job? Welcome, Trucker Shortage

USA -National Truck Driving Jobs -September 28, 2010: -- With the ever-growing shortage of truck drivers and the demand for goods on the rise, many trucking companies will do whatever it takes to recruit new drivers. If you are someone looking to start a career in the long haul, the future looks bright. Bonuses are moving higher and look to only get better if companies want to keep drivers in their trucks. That’s why we say truck driving jobs are available now!... What companies have going against them, are the stereotypes of being a truck driver... Drivers need to take ownership of their abilities and realize they determine their future. Through better education, a driver can seek out trucking companies that provide great training. This will increase the low standards that are set for truck drivers. With the driver shortage, drivers become more valuable...

* Alabama - Truckers in demand; Company offers free classes in Birmingham

Birmingham,ALA,USA -The Birmingham News, by Martin Swant -September 28, 2010: -- Con-way Freight, the national trucking company, is launching new training programs in Birmingham and across the country to train drivers, in an effort to stave off a looming manpower shortage that threatens an industry that delivers raw goods and finished products to every corner of the nation... Con-way Freight has put together a two-fold approach to draw new drivers: provide free training and a guaranteed job. So far, there are planned 55 classes at Con-way Freight locations, including one in Birmingham beginning in January. The company has 100 drivers in its Birmingham operations... A new threat to the driver pool is CSA 2010, a set of truck and bus driving safety regulations by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration... Under the new rules, officials will analyze not only moving violations, but also driving and braking patterns, now tracked by an electronic onboard monitor, he said. If a driver is deemed to be high-risk, it's going to cost a company more to insure, forcing them to be much more selective about whom they hire... If companies need to raise wages to attract better drivers, they might have to raise prices on shipping, which then could shift the burden to the consumer, Kauffman said... (Photo from The Birmingham News, by Linda Stelter - Freight has created a program to train new drivers while allowing them a chance to work during their off-training hours)


TRUCK TONNAGE INDEX * USA - Index “Plunges” in August

More signs of macro weakness in the trucking industry

Arlington,VA,USA -
Pragmatic Capitalism
-28 September 2010:
-- The American Trucking Associations’ advance seasonally adjusted (SA) For-Hire Truck Tonnage Index fell 2.7 percent in August, which was the largest month-to-month decrease since March 2009. The latest drop lowered the SA index from 110 (2000=100) in July to 106.9 in August... The not seasonally adjusted index, which represents the change in tonnage actually hauled by the fleets before any seasonal adjustment, equaled 113.5 in August, up 3.2 percent from the previous month... Compared with August 2009, SA tonnage climbed 2.9 percent, which was well below July’s 7.4 percent year-over-year gain. Year-to-date, tonnage is up 6.2 percent compared with the same period in 2009...


DRIVERS' FATIGUE * USA - NTSB cites fatigue in Okla. crash that killed 10

"Time to turn up the pressure on the industry and the regulator ..."

Washington,DC,USA -AP, by JOAN LOWY -28 Sept 2010: -- A tractor-trailer truck driver who slammed his rig into a line of cars stopped on a stretch of Oklahoma highway last year, killing 10 people, failed to stop because he was suffering from acute fatigue, the National Transportation Safety Board said Tuesday... Board members also criticized government regulators and the trucking industry for not following safety recommendations — some of them a decade old — that investigators said could have prevented the accident... NTSB Chairman, Deborah Hersman, pointed to a recommendation the board made in 2001 that heavy trucks be equipped with warning systems that provide visual and aural alerts to drivers when their truck is within 350 feet of colliding with another vehicle... But there is no requirement that truck operators install the systems and relatively few trucks have them, they said... Similarly, the board first identified fatigue as a serious problem in heavy truck accidents 20 years ago, but safety recommendations involving driver fatigue have gone unfulfilled for more than a decade. About 31 percent of all heavy truck accidents are due to driver fatigue, investigators said... In the Oklahoma crash, the truck driver — Donald L. Creed, then 76 — most likely had only five hours of sleep before starting his workday for Kansas City-based Associated Wholesale Grocers just after 3 a.m. on June 26, 2009, investigators said... Creed was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs, nor was he speeding — the speed limit on the turnpike is 75 mph. Prosecutors said his inattention caused the crash... (AP Photo/Oklahoma Highway Patrol: A Land Rover Discovery is smashed at the scene of a multiple-vehicle accident on Interstate 44 near Miami, Okla. Ten people died after a tractor-trailer slammed into a line of cars stopped by an earlier accident on June 26, 2009, along a northeast Oklahoma turnpike near Miami)


STRIKE & PROTEST * USA - Philadelphia ILA Shuts Down NY-NJ Terminals

Lonshoremen protest pending Del Monte move to non-union facility

Philadelphia,USA -The Journal of Commerce Online, by Peter T. Leach -Sep 28, 2010: -- Picket lines by longshoremen from Philadelphia caused work stoppages at all six container terminals in the Port of New York and New Jersey on Tuesday, when terminal workers who are members of the International Longshoremen's Association refused to cross the Philadelphia ILA picket lines despite a finding by an arbitrator against the pickets that was issued on Monday... The Philadelphia longshoreman were picketing the terminals to protest the pending move by Del Monte Fresh Produce of 75 ship calls a year from an ILA terminal in Camden, N.J. to a non-ILA facility in Gloucester, N.J. that is owned by the Holt family. The ILA claims the move by Del Monte will cost the union 200 jobs. The Philadelphia ILA members shut down work at the New York Container Terminal on Staten Island, APM Terminals and Maher Terminal in Port Elizabeth, N.J., the Port Newark Container Terminal, Global Marine Terminal in Bayonne, N.J., and the Red Hook Container Terminal in Brooklyn... The work stoppages prevented cargo from moving in and out of the six terminals, where 12 ships were being loaded or unloaded...

* ILA Ends NY-NJ Work Stoppage. Negotiations to start Monday after protest of shipper’s move to non-ILA terminal

NJ/NY,USA -The Journal of Commerce Online, by Peter T. Leach -Sep 29, 2010: -- The two-day work stoppage at the six container terminals in the Port of New York and New Jersey ended early Wednesday afternoon when the Philadelphia ILA local whose picket lines had caused the shutdown of the terminals called off the picketing... One of the dockworkers on the picket line outside the gates of the APM Terminal in Port Elizabeth, N.J., said Philadelphia ILA Local 12391 had called off the picketing and would start negotiations on Monday, but he did not specify what those negotiations would involve... U.S. District Judge, Dickinson Debevoise, ordered New York and New Jersey ILA members to observe a ruling by an arbitrator on Monday and return to work. The New York Shipping Association said its attorneys would be returning to U.S. District Court on Wednesday to seek enforcement of the court’s order...