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May 23, 2007

STUDY * Canada - Asian carmakers on cusp of overtaking Big Three in NA

One of the most significant impacts on the Canadian economy over the last 20 years has been the rapid change automotive industry landscape

Ottaswa,BC,Canada -Today's Trucking -23 May 2007: -- So says a new report by Statistics Canada, titled Canada's changing auto industry... Still, the auto industry in Canada remains on a solid footing, according to the report... Overseas carmakers moving their auto production to North America, following their success in sales, has left a lasting impression on the domestic market. Asian auto manufacturers have sustained output, investment and employment in this industry at a high level, with the prospect for future growth... Japanese-based manufacturers have filled much of the gap left by the traditional North American automakers in production in Canada. In 2006, Japanese automakers produced just over 900,000 automobiles in Canada, double their level in 1998. As a result, their share of the domestic market in production jumped from 16 percent to more than one-third (36%) during this period... (Picture: More overseas brands than North American cars have been sold in Canada every year since 2001)



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