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Mar 30, 2006

New Rules - Australia - Operators confused by IR changes

Australia -Supply Chain Review -29 Mar 2006 -- The Federal Government's brave new world of industrial relations could prove another administrative headache for trucking operators as they struggle to understand the changes... Sweeping changes to how employers contract staff came into effect on Monday as part of the Government's extensive IR reforms... Early excitement from employers over reform to unfair dismissal laws and greater flexibility in employment contracts has now been tempered by the complexity of new employment and agreement-making conditions... Employers under the federal system will remain but are subject to a range of new law dictating how they reach agreement with employees over conditions. And corporations using state awards face a complex transition into the federal system (unincorporated smaller operators can continue to operate in the state system for the medium term)... Those employing under individual agreements must adhere to strict provisions, with hefty fines for non-compliance...


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