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Aug 6, 2017

TOYOTA PICKUP TRUCKS * Mexico - Planned to build at a new plant

Mexico - Toyota plans truck, possibly SUV production in 

--- Toyota Motor Corp said on Friday it planned to build pickup trucks and possibly SUVs at a new plant in Mexico, a move that followed threats by U.S. President, Donald Trump,  to penalize the company if it built small cars south of the border... Toyota initially planned to produce Corolla sedans at the plant it is building in the central state of Guanajuato but will now switch production of the small cars and a new Mazda SUV crossover to a new assembly plant planned for the United States... Trump threatened in January to impose a hefty fee on the world's largest automaker if it built Corollas for the U.S. market in Mexico... "Instead of building lower value cars that generally offer smaller margins in Mexico and keeping high-value SUV and luxury model production in the U.S., they are moving in the opposite direction," said Wilson, deputy director of the think tank's Mexico institute... 
(Photo: LED Car Logo Blue front emblem for Toyota Corolla)  --  Mexico City, DF, MEX - Reuters, by Anthony Esposito - 4 August 2017

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