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Aug 1, 2017

PICKUP TRUCKS' GRANDFATHER * USA - 100th Anniversary TT Ford

* Michigan - Ford Trucks celebrate 100 years as America’s workhorse icon

(Photo from Ford: 1918 Ford Model TT one-ton stake bed truck)

--- Exactly 100 years ago today — July 27, 1917 — the first Ford Model TT truck rolled out of the assembly plant on Woodward Avenue in Highland Park, beginning an American love affair with pickups that still burns hot... Henry Ford had no idea what he’d begun when he had the TT engineered specifically to be a truck at a time when most pickups were modified cars... He intended the Model TT for farmers, another tool like the Fordson tractors he built for the rural life he idealized. He would’ve tipped his straw boater hat back, squinted and laughed in your face if you told him the F-series pickup that’s the direct descendant of his Model TT would become America’s best-selling vehicle for 35 years straight... 

(Video by YOUCAR - Jan 12, 2015)

... Ford’s culture is steeped in the lore of the F-series and “Built Ford Tough,” the slogan coined in a company magazine in 1977, the year when the F-series first became America’s best-selling truck. Ford has sold more than 26 million F-series trucks in the U.S. since then... 
Detroit, MICH, USA - The Detroit Free Press, by Mark Phelan - July 27, 2017



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