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Aug 4, 2017

MEGA-TRUCKS * USA - DOT: Does not have enough data about

* DC - ‘Mega trucks’ a growing trend, report forecasts

--- Despite significant legislative hurdles around much of the globe, a new report from Frost & Sullivan suggests “mega trucks” – generally defined as a vehicle measuring a minimum of about 100 feet long and weighing upwards of 160,000 pounds – could nearly double in population by 2025... Australia leads the current use of mega trucks in terms of penetration rates and are allowed nationwide in the Scandinavian region. Their limited use is allowed in Germany and Spain, and trials have occurred for mega trucks in France and the United Kingdom, but have been rejected... Citing a strong mandate and support infrastructure, the report says North America is expected to accommodate more mega trucks. It notes, however, overcoming legislative hurdles and negative public opinion will be critical in promoting mega truck usage... The DOT on Friday issued a report saying it does not have enough data about truck size and weight to be able to make recommendations ... The report, Global Mega Trucks Market, Forecast to 2025, says global sales penetration of mega trucks is expected to increase from 3.4 percent to 5.7 percent for total heavy duty truck sales from 2016 to 2025, depending on lawmakers in specific regions laying down regulations that take into account the impact on infrastructure, environment, society and other modes of transport...
(Image: Road-train megatruck, in Australia - DOT/USA: Little data exists to make sound decision on truck size and weight changes) -- Washington, DC, USA - Overdrive, by Jason Cannon- July 31, 2017

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