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Aug 12, 2017

KAMAZ's TRUCK PRODUCTION * Russia: Rose 21.3% yearly

* Tartaristan - Russian truck maker Kamaz boosts production by 21.3%

--- The engine plant and Cummins-Kama joint venture produced and shipped over 3,600 engines and power plants in July 2017 and almost 19,000 from the year beginning... Production output of the Russian truck maker Kamaz rose 21.3% year-on-year to 20,433 knocked down kits in seven months of this year, press service of the company said on Wednesday. "3,889 knocked down kits were made over the month (3,393 last July) and 20,433 units were made in total year-to-date (16,843 in the like period of the last year)," the press service said. Production growth therefore surged 21.3% from the year beginning... 
(Photo: KAMAZ 120000 kg, tractor truck)   --   Kazan, Tartaristan, Russia - TASS - August 09, 2017



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