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Jul 28, 2017

TRUCKING COST INCREASE * Australia - Cause: Port monopoly

* Victoria - Port monopoly pains for drivers

--- Port carriers say they are suffering under shrinking profit margins following the introduction of a number of new fees this year... Last month a shock surcharge from Patrick Terminals struck another blow to the back pockets of port road freight operators, many of whom were also hit with the introduction of an infrastructure charge from operator DP World in April... The pressure has pushed some operators to a boiling point, who have described the conditions at the ports as a virtual monopoly... Both DP World and Patrick operate in every major city apart from Adelaide, competing only with Hutchinson - a point that was acknowledged last year by ACCC chairman Rod Sims during a keynote address to the Ports Australia Conference in Melbourne in November... Mr Sims said appropriate regulatory regimes should be in place before assets with monopoly characteristics were privatised... 
(Photo by Kirstin Payne - COST INCREASE: Port carriers are facing another charge for each container on top of infrastructure fees)   --   Melbourne, VIC, Australia - Big Rigs, by Kirstin Payne - 21st Jul 2017

 * ACT - ACCC must step in on tolls and ports says ATA

--- Australia's competition watchdog, the ACCC, should take over regulating toll road and landside port charges, the Chief Executive of the ATA, Ben Maguire, said today... The Australian Government is considering setting up an independent regulator to control truck and bus registration charges and the road user charge that truck and bus operators pay on fuel... Mr Maguire said the independent regulator - ultimately the ACCC - should be responsible for toll road and landside port charges as well... Mr Maguire said governments must start the reform process by fixing the overcharging of truck and bus operators. "Truck and bus operators will be overcharged by $264.8 million in 2017-18. The meter is ticking up by more than $725,000 per day," he said... 
Canberra, Australia┬┤s Capitol Territory, Australia - Big Rigs - 28 July 2017

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