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Jul 28, 2017

TRUCKERS' NEGOTIATION * Australia: About working conditions

* ACT - Industrial action against Toll on the cards says TWU

--- Industrial Action against Toll could soon be on the cards with the Transport Workers' Union lodging a protected action ballot in the Fair Work Commission... The action against Toll follows a stall on talks between parties on a number of key issues... TWU National Assistant Secretary Michael Kaine said, workers had shown incredible patience with the company during the negotiations... Transport workers reached an impasse following months of negotiations over cuts to working hours and the hiring of casuals and labour hire workers... Workers are also concerned by moves to end supply chain auditing, which ensure every worker carting for Toll, including those employed by sub-contractors, receive safe and fair working conditions... The TWU has been consulting with transport workers at Toll on the next steps they wish to take... In response to the proposed action Tolls says there are comfortable with their position on the matter and say they have also worked in good faith to progress the EBA... 
(Photo by Kirstin Payne - Toll Group may face industrial action if the TWU ballot is successful) -- Canberra, ACT, Australia - Big Rigs - 24th Jul 2017



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