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Jul 18, 2017


* Virginia - After that, Roadrunner axed him the very next day !!!

---   A trucker told the truth, and his company fired him. The gentleman’s name is Rene Flores; and the trucking: Morgan Southern (Peachtree City, GA) and their parent company, Roadrunner Transportation... Flores he’s 36 and a truck driver, and it's the tale of trucking in America. One day, a reporter came knocking. He had questions for Flores. His name was Brett Murphy... Flores told him, the industry makes truckers work 20-hour days. We have to lease our trucks, he said. We are forced to play by their rules, he told Murphy; we drive according to their hours, in violation of federal law... The story was printed and a nation reeled. The story showed how the skeleton of post-industrial American capitalism was held up: by tired, broken women and men. Murphy notes that this is start of a protracted process which spoils the company, and rods the driver... The humiliations of trucker life were detailed in Murphy’s story. The grim contracts. The sign-or-be-fired strong-arming. The ever-present fatigue. Trucking companies deliver goods, not goodness... The article was published June 16. And after the truth had been said, and published in ink and online, what happened? Did justice pour down like mighty waters? No. The powers above him sent this father and husband to the unemployment line; they axed him the very next day. He had $60,000 invested in down-payment on his truck. That’s gone now. What a perfect summation of American business as usual. This is how Morgan Southern and their parent company, Roadrunner Transportation, handle their affairs... “Why are you hitting yourself? ... ” Think of this unctuous corporation sending a truck driver a message of silence. Be obedient, or your children go hungry...
 (Photo, by David McNew / Getty - Trucker's Last Ride)  --  McLean, Virginia, USA - Paste Magazine, by Jason Rhode - July 13, 2017

* RIGGED: Forced into debt. Worked past exhaustion. Left with nothing

--- What the USA Today feature delivers is a compilation of pettiness and buck-scrounging to curl the hair and twist the soul... Why would you expect an industry that keeps “indentured servants” to care about its cogs rebelling? Time was, truckers could make money. Truckers who owned their own rig could pack away a decent life for their family by hauling goods across the nation. It wasn’t perfect, but it was all some people had. In 2008, a fine was imposed on a mess of trucking companies. They got slapped with $2.5 billion in fees for diesel fumes. What did the companies do? They let the truckers pay for it, through a hundred dubious devices and schemes. “There are 800 companies regularly operating at the LA ports. Almost all of them turned to some form of a lease-to-own mode,” Murphy wrote. In this economy, trucking companies wants to own everything, except their mistakes... Trucking is like cat-curiosity: despite dangers, it goes on. The government allows the industry to walk on by. Who cares, as long as the goods are there? Trucking is akin to oil—the third rail of American commerce. When was the last time you heard a politician speaking of the importance of monitoring truck companies? ... This is the character of these people, the management of Roadrunner Transportation. What a collection of first-rate Americans...
McLean, VIR, USA - (USA TODAY, by Brett Murphy) - 14 July 2017

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