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Jul 13, 2017

TRUCK OF TOMORROW * France: New prototype

* Lyon - Renault Trucks has developed a prototype of the truck of tomorrow

(Video TFI: From the front it has an ordinary appearance) 

--- Yet the truck of tomorrow is anything but common to what we know: no rear-view mirrors, no apparent wheels, a truck that adapts its speed near a traffic light ... In the last three years a French manufacturer has developed a prototype of Truck of 2020, after investing 9 million euros... 
Lyon, Saint Priest, France - MyTFI - 9 July 2017

* Lyon - Renault Trucks leading FALCON project to cut heavy-duty tractor-trailer fuel consumption 13%

--- Renault Trucks, part of the Volvo Group, is leading the FALCON (Flexible & Aerodynamic Truck for Low CONsumption) consortium project to develop a complete heavy-duty tractor-trailer combination to consume 13% less fuel than a standard coupling towed by a Renault Trucks ... The project team is focusing on optimized aerodynamics of the truck and trailer combination; connected low rolling resistance tires; and predictive energy-saving driving aid and fuel management functions, together with an improved powertrain using a new-generation Rankine heat recovery system and optimized lubricant formulations... With the exception of the Rankine system, this technology is set to be integrated into a demonstration vehicle and tested in real conditions at the end of 2018... 
(Photo: Renault Trucks the all-new Range T Long Haul tractor-unit)  --  Saint Priest, Lyon, France - GreenCarCongress - 30 June 2017



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