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Jul 13, 2017

The new Panther 8 × 8 truck * Austria - By Rosenbauer

* Leonding - The first new generation Panther 8 × 8 for the Charles de Gaulle airport

--- The Austrian manufacturer Rosenbauer , which specializes in firefighting equipment and vehicles, has unveiled its first new generation Panther 8 × 8 truck . This model, the largest of the Panther range, is destined for the largest international airports, in particular those which receive very large aircraft such as Airbus A380, or which have special requirements for acceleration, maximum speed and extinguishing capacity... Weighing up to 52 t in running order, with 19,000 l of extinguishing agent, the new Panther 8 × 8 accelerates from 0 to 80 km / h in less than 25 seconds and can travel at speeds up to 135 km / H, which guarantees very short arrival times at the scene of a disaster. In addition, its eight-wheel drive allows it to overcome any obstacles and evolve in all weather, quickly and safely... 
 Leonding, Austria - France Routes, by Pascal Stich - June 30, 2017



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