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Jul 15, 2017


* California - Electrified truck concepts come to life, and owner-operators want in

... In just the last year, trucking's fuel speculation has assumed an even more radical form: electricity... That encompasses medium- and heavy-duty trucks and would account for about 5 percent of those trucks forecasted to sell in 2026... Questions also swirl around the unproven technology: Is it viable for long-haul trucking? How quickly can the infrastructure be built? Will there be one dominant technology or a variety of electric hybrids? ... Some, if not all, of the diesel truck makers are in the early stages of developing electrified trucks for short-haul applications. However, it’s newcomers to heavy-duty trucking – startup Nikola, Silicon Valley maverick Tesla and automaker Toyota – that are more aggressively leading the way for electrified powertrains... Startup Nikola says that 8,000 of its electrified tractors have been ordered. More than 1,000 of the prospective buyers are owner-operators, according to the company... 
 (Photo: The Nikola One’s fuel cell will produce about 800 volts of electricity, some of which will power auxiliary functions such as HVAC and inverters) -- Los Angeles, CAL, USA - Overdrive, by James Jaillet & Todd Dills - July 05, 2017

* DC - Traditional truck makers focus on short-haul for electric vehicles

---  As battery and fuel cell technologies advance, so too do the prospects for electric rigs in the industry, says Mike Roeth, director of the North American Council on Freight Efficiency... Roeth says the technology may be more suitable to regional and short-haul segments, given the lack of fueling infrastructure. Even with strategically placed fueling and charging stations, trucking’s lack of predictable routes, even in the contract freight market, challenges alternative fuel newcomers, he says... Major truck and engine makers themselves have invested in the development of electric- and more conventional hybrid-electric-drive vehicles, but they see the most short-term promise in shorter-run applications, such as the port drayage hauls where Toyota is testing its prototype...
 (Photo: Kenworth is working toward testing two zero-emission T680 daycabs in port operations in Southern California with hydrogen fuel cell power designed by Ballard Power Systems of British Columbia)   --  Washington, DC, USA - Overdrive, by Todd Dills & James Jaillet - July 06, 2017



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