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Jun 14, 2017

TRUCKERS' COMFORT * USA - New cab desing from VOLVO

* North Carolina - Comfort guided Volvo VNR interior designers

--- Drivers are proud of their trucks, so many were happy to invite Volvo designers into their cabs. The company met with about 2,000 drivers and fleets while developing the truck, which was unveiled in April... Helping drivers stay comfortable behind the wheel is also vital, especially considering the breadth of new recruits entering the industry. They include women, said product marketing manager Allison Athey, she pointed specifically to the truck‚Äôs adjustable seat belt and three-way adjustable steering wheel as features that help drivers of varying sizes find the right fit... The wheel itself features 19 buttons that control such functions as Bluetooth connectivity, integrated engine braking and cruise control, gauge cluster backlight and audio volume and buttons that permit drivers to flash their headlights or taillights at other drivers... If sensors in the base determine a crash is imminent, the seat will drop and slide back. The seat also features a side-mounted air bag, which is in addition to the standard driver-side steering wheel-mounted air bag... 
 Winston-Salem, NC, USA - Transport Topics, by Joe Howard - 5 May 2017



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