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Jun 19, 2017


* Indiana - Cummins: Not so fast Tesla!

--- Tesla says it will unveil an electric truck in September. But Cummins isn't about to let Elon Musk simply walk away with the market. The truck engine maker announced last night that it plans to produce electric power trains for transit buses starting in 2019... How far along is Cummins in developing an electric power train?... It's a big question for investors, given that electric car maker Tesla wants to sell trucks too, and Elon Musk recently teased that it plans to unveil an electric semi truck in September. Should Tesla manage to "pull that off"," then the electric car make would have the electric vehicle market all to themselves... But late Wednesday, executives at Cummins, which makes diesel and natural gas truck engines, announced on a conference call that the company plans to start production of electric power trains for transit buses in cities around the world in 2019, and expand into other industrial and commercial uses down the road as the battery range for electric vehicles increases... 
 (Image from Cummins: TM4 INC. and CUMMINS INC. announce a joint effort to develop the TM4's LSG130 electric generator)   --   Columbus, IN, USA - Barrons, by Johanna Bennett - June 15, 2017

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