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May 19, 2017

VOLVO's AUTONOMOUS TRUCKS * Sweden - Testing ones in northern mines

* Stockholm - Volvo Trucks & Renova testing autonomous garbage trucks

--- Volvo Trucks and the Sweden-based waste management company Renova have begun testing autonomous refuse/garbage trucks, with the intent of improving the safety of such vehicles, according to a new press release from the companies... The autonomous refuse/garbage truck uses GPS and LiDAR, but also relies on previous manual operation along its work route for data — in other words, when a route is being traveled for the first time, it is done manually, providing the system with the knowledge of where to stop, etc. ... The first time the automated refuse truck is used in a new area, it is driven manually while the on-board system constantly monitors and maps the route with the help of sensors and GPS technology. The next time the truck enters the same area, it knows exactly which route to follow and at which bins it has to stop... Since the automated systems optimise gear changes, steering and speed, fuel consumption and emissions can also be reduced... Vehicles with varying degrees of automation will probably be introduced earlier in other applications, where transport assignments take place within strictly confined areas such as mines and cargo terminals, the company said...
Stockholm, Sweden - Clean Technica, by James Ayre - May 17th, 2017

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