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May 23, 2017


* Stockholm - Volvo shows off self-driving garbage trucks

  (Video from Volvo Trucks - May 16, 2017: Watch the self-driving refuse truck! Volvo Trucks and the Swedish waste management company Renova are testing how autonomous trucks can contribute to a safer, more efficient refuse handling and a better working environment) 

--- Autonomous garbo truck claimed to be far safer and a more efficient way of collecting waste in urban areas... Swedish truck maker, Volvo, has released a video of a new prototype garbage truck that harnesses the autonomous driving tech that has been developed for passenger cars... Using the same sensors and GPS mapping, that Volvo cars come equipped with in its partnership with Uber to develop self-driving cars, the autonomous truck can accurately map out its collection route all by itself... The clever tech sees the truck follow the operative slowly and safely down the road to the next garbage bin collection... Volvo say more development and testing is needed before the self-driving garbage truck enters production and hasn’t announced when it plans to offer the driverless truck for sale... 
 Stockholm, Sweden - Motoring, by John Mahoney - May 22, 2017

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