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May 13, 2017


* Tianjin - Beijing's battle against pollution takes toll on truck drivers at coal port

--- On a recent visit to the area around Tianjin Port Co Ltd, there were more than one hundred empty trucks parked at the coal storage center run by Ningdong Logistic Co. ... Once one of the busiest places close to Tianjin's sprawling port, the storage facility was now silent as activity had ground to a halt after the port operator last month announced a ban on trucking in coal or storing it there. The announcement was sooner than expected... It is a sign that Beijing's years-long war on pollution is disrupting the logistics of the market for coal - one of China's crucial commodities - as well as the lives of what trucking industry insiders estimate are 60,000 drivers who carry coal to and from the port... The central government has said it may extend the measure to ports in heavily industrialized Hebei province by September as it tries to combat choking pollution that often blankets the north of the country, including nearby Beijing... 
(Photo China's Ministry Of Commerce: 18th Feb, 2017. Trucks transport containers to and from the Port of Tianjin)  --  Tianjin, China - Reuters - May 11, 2017

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