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May 5, 2017


* Louisiana - On the Horizon: API CK-4 Synthetic Diesel Engine Oils

--- There are still some pockets of resistance to synthetic oils in the heavy duty motor oil market, perhaps a misconception that they aren’t as good as the “real” thing... What is a synthetic oil, anyway? Simply put, it is an oil formulated with a synthetic base instead of a mineral base. It is still a hydrocarbon product and still uses additive chemistry to enhance particular properties. It is also worth noting that engine OEMs have never restricted the use of synthetic oils and do not distinguish between synthetics and conventional based engine oils—so long as the finished products meet their performance specifications... The definition of “synthetic”: A synthetic base is typically used to produce a finished engine oil that has superior low-temperature properties. Synthetic based oils have a high viscosity index that allows producers to make oils that remain fluid at low temperatures for better cold weather start-up. These properties also contribute to fuel economy. At higher temperatures, synthetics exhibit better oxidation stability which can help extend drain intervals and less volatility, which reduces the chances of evaporation and can improve oil consumption...
(Photo: A truck tanker on the road) -- Covington, LA, USA - CCJ - April 5, 2017



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