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May 29, 2017

Stoughton Trailers * USA: Production up

* Wiscosin - Trailer production stacking up at Stoughton Trailers

--- Stoughton Trailers' boost in production and its expansion into the trucking market is written all over the landscape on Brodhead's southeast side... The lots around the company's 300,000-square-foot semitrailer manufacturing facility are filled with new, 53-foot trailers marked for pickup by customers... And the 17 acre grass lot across the street from the Brodhead plant is chock full of new semitrailers, too. A crew of Stoughton Trailers yard drivers spend their days in snub-nosed semitrailer tractors, moving around the new trailers like puzzle pieces, readying them for final customization and setting them up for customer pickup... Some of the hundreds of trailers have company names emblazoned on decals that show the world who owns them—Stoughton Trailers customers that include Amazon and Schneider... 
(Photo by ANTHONY WAHL - An aerial image of the Stoughton Trailers production facility in Brodhead) -- Brodhead, WIS, USA - Gazette Rxtra, by NEIL JOHNSON - May 27, 2017



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