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May 25, 2017


* Tennessee - Trucking Companies say additional fuel costs worth it for improved infrastructure

---  The IMPROVE act will raise the state gas tax by 6 cents on unleaded and 10 cents on diesel, phased in over three years. The plan was coupled with tax cuts, including reductions in franchise and excise taxes on businesses, a decrease in the Hall tax on interest and dividends and a drop in the food tax from 5 percent to 4 percent...While some businesses remained opposed to the increase, many Memphis companies said it was long overdue, including one of the most important employers in the city. FedEx Corp. operates fleets of vehicles that travel Tennessee’s roads, including delivery vehicles and freight trucks. “On behalf of FedEx, the IMPROVE Act will provide funding to make Tennessee’s roads and bridges safer,” FedEx spokesman Jack Pfeiffer said. “These investments in critical infrastructure will drive economic growth and job creation across our state” ... 
(Photo from Daily New, by Andrew J. Breig - Congestion on Lamar Avenue costs trucking companies time and fuel, and some say it adversely impacts driver turnover rates)   --  Memphis, TENN, USA - The Memphis Daily News, by JODY CALLAHAN - May 23, 2017

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