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May 3, 2017

KEWWORTH * USA: Hydrogen-electric trucks

* Washington - Kenworth to build Class 8 hydrogen fuel cell and CNG-electric hybrid drayage trucks

--- Truck builder Kenworth is jumping into the hydrogen fuel cell race with a Class 8 drayage truck it expects to launch by the end of this year, the company said Tuesday... The announcement comes less than two weeks after Toyota Motor Co. unveiled a hydrogen fuel cell drayage truck of its own – a truck that used a Kenworth chassis as its base. Such trucks are used to shuttle shipping containers at ports and to distribution centers... Kenworth’s fuel cell project was part of a package of low- and zero-emission drayage truck programs the company announced during the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo taking place this week in Long Beach, Calif. ... 
(Illustration: Kenworth - One Kenworth fuel cell truck)  --  Kirkland, WASH, USA -, by JOHN O'DELL - May 2, 2017



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