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May 19, 2017

GREEN NEW TRUCKS * Europe - Required to certify the CO2 emissions

* Belgium - All new trucks to have CO2 emissions certified by 2019

--- Truckmakers will be required to certify the CO2 emissions of all new trucks they sell in Europe from using a test procedure known as VECTO. The tool, which was was endorsed by EU member states and the European Commission last week, is designed to make figures for the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions from new heavy-goods vehicles available for truck buyers... The system will require truckmakers to supply information on key vehicle parameters, including weight, aerodynamics performance and engine efficiency. Using this data, the simulator will generate reference CO2 emission values that customers can read on labels placed on new vehicles... These fuel figures could also be the basis for the CO2 standards for heavy-duty vehicles that the Commission is expected to propose early next year... But campaigners have cautioned that while this new test procedure will increase transparency, it will not deliver the emissions cuts Europe needs to meet its climate targets or prevent truckmakers from exploiting test loopholes – as carmakers routinely do... The second package should also include on-road fuel consumption testing, T&E added, as the Commission is planning to do for cars and vans... 
Brussels, Belgium - Transport & Enviroment - May 17, 2017

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