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May 5, 2017

GHOST RIDERS * USA: Leasing trucks for longshoremen ?

* Oregon - Agreement amidst the Port’s labor force and Astoria Forest Products

--- The Port of Astoria is nearing an agreement to rent trucks for longshoremen to transport logs. The agreement would end an impasse that has had the agency and log exporter Astoria Forest Products subsidizing “ghost rider” longshoremen, who get paid to ride shotgun in third-party trucks because of contractual agreements... The Port of Astoria on Tuesday presented a tentative, six-month agreement to lease trucks for longshoremen to drive log loads from a processing yard on Pier 3 to Pier 1 for export... Longshoremen have a contract to handle cargo going across Port docks. But Astoria Forest Products has been using third-party trucks and drivers. To satisfy the longshoremen’s labor contract, the Port and the log exporter have been subsidizing “ghost riders,” a term for longshoremen who mostly sit in the passenger seat of trucks... Port Property Director Shane Jensen said the rental agreement, a new strategy for the Port, will initially last six months in a trial phase. Chris Connaway, president of the local International Longshore and Warehouse Union chapter, praised staff’s partnership with longshoremen on the agreement and the use of a local company... 
(Photo: Port of Portland - Marine - Terminal 6)   --  Astoria, ORE, USA - The Daily Astorian, by by Edward Stratton - May 3, 2017

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