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May 3, 2017

ELECTRIC PICKUP * USA: By Workhorse Group

* Ohio - Workhorse logs 5,000 orders for W-15 Electric Pickup Truck, plans production launch

--- Workhorse Group has collected about 5,000 nonbinding orders from large businesses and government agencies for its W-15 extended-range electric pickup truck, enough to begin commercially manufacturing the vehicle... The Loveland, Ohio, trucks company announced its biggest order to date — 2,500 trucks from Ryder System Inc., the fleet management giant... Ryder said Tuesday it would distribute Workhorse delivery trucks and an electric pickup truck in North America, as well as provide warranty and maintenance work... The W-15, which is debuting as a drivable concept vehicle Tuesday at the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo in Long Beach, Calif., has already attracted pre-orders or letters of interest from Duke Energy, the cities of Portland, Ore., and Orlando and more... The orders would represent about $250-million worth of initial sales for the company. The trucks are priced at about $52,000 and are expected to be eligible for state and federal green vehicle incentives such as the $7,500 federal income tax rebate...
(Photo: Carly Schaffner/ - Workhorse Group's new W-15 electric pickup with extended range)  --  Cincinnati, OH, USA -, by TIFFANY HSU - May 2, 2017



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