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May 7, 2017

DHL Express * France - Growing twice as fast

* Paris - DHL Express is surfing the wave of e-commerce

--- The global cross-border e-commerce market continues to blaze gleefully. The DHL group, which generated a turnover of 57.3 billion euros including 14 billion euros in the express, plans to take its place there... National e-commerce has not lived, but it is outrageously overtaken by e-commerce that crosses borders. This market segment has reached around $ 300 billion in sales in 2015. A share that "will increase to $ 900 billion by 2020," said Michel Akavi, president of DHL Express France... Cross -border e-commerce is therefore a strategic market for the German group, which claims to be "the most international company in the world" ("more than Coca-Cola", according to Michel Akavi) . Present in 220 countries, DHL claims a market share in the package of 34 % in the world (41 % in Europe) and the processing of 360 million shipments each year. Its scope of implementation covers 1 500 agencies and 15 regional hubs (30 700 vehicles clean)... According to a DHL study called "Spice Trade of the 21st Century", the growth of global e-commerce is so exponential that it is twice as fast as that of traditional trade. Overnight deliveries (Premiums) increase from 10 % to 15 % each year... According to the DHL study, the United Kingdom, the United States and China together account for 60 % of the origin of the offers. Italy, Spain, France and Germany follow behind. The most purchased products online are electronics, textile, cosmetics and sporting goods... 
(Photo DHL Express France: Panoramic show for a delivery)   --  Le Bourget, France - ACTU Transport et Logistique, by SLIMANE BOUKEZZOULA - Updated 7 May 2017

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