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May 5, 2017

Bayonne Bridge project * USA: INFRASTRUCTURES

* New York - Bayonne Bridge project to finish six months early

--- Supersize container ships could begin calling at New York’s port by July, six months earlier than expected following the accelerated completion of a delayed $1.6 billion project to raise the roadway of the Bayonne Bridge... Calling the project “truly an engineering marvel,” Mr. Christie said the raising of the bridge span to 215 feet from 151 feet—while keeping the roadway open to traffic—would be a boon to the region’s economy and to consumers... The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey was supposed to complete the project in time for an influx of supersize container ships following the opening of the newly widened Panama Canal last summer...

... Ms. Campbell said that bigger ships carrying a larger volume of goods would allow shippers to lower their costs and to deliver goods to consumers faster... 
NY, USA - BDP International - May 2, 2017



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