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May 7, 2017

AMAZON's TRUCKING * Australia: Put further pressure on supply chains

* NSW - Global giant Amazon could bring change to transport sector

--- As retailers throughout Australia brace themselves for the impact of online giant Amazon's launch down under, existing regulatory restrictions in the logistics sector may prove to be the Achilles heel in the eCommerce brand's influence... With the National Transport Commission expecting national freight task to grow by 26% in the next decade, some industry members warn Amazon's presence will put further pressure on supply chains, namely in the residential delivery space... Australian Logistics Council managing director Michael Kilgariff is one of the voices who say planning must come sooner rather than later... Mr Kilgariff believes a number of major improvements to transport infrastructure will need to take place to sustain the expanding industry, including allowing key freight facilities and routes to operate 24/7... Looking ahead, Mr Kilgariff said the issues of the 'last mile' in urban centres needed a different approach... 
 (Photo: Amazon to launch Australian supermarkets. Amazon Fresh truck) -- Sidney, NSW, Australia - Big Rigs, by Kirstin Payne - 5th May 2017



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