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May 17, 2017

AIR POLLUTION * USA - From diesel trucks, more than 50 % higher

* DC - Study: Global tailpipe tests vastly underestimate diesel pollution

--- Pollution from diesel trucks, buses and cars globally is more than 50 percent higher than levels shown in government lab tests, a new study says. That extra pollution translated to another 38,000 deaths from soot and smog in 2015, the researchers estimated... The work published Monday in the journal Nature where researchers compared the amount of key pollutants coming out of diesel tailpipes on the road in 10 countries and the European Union to the results of government lab tests for nitrogen oxides... They calculated that 5 million more tons (4.6 metric tons) was being spewed than the lab-based 9. 4 million tons (8.5 million metric tons). Governments routinely test new vehicles to make sure they meet pollution limits... 
(Photo - Experts and the researchers don't accuse car and truck makers of cheating, but say testing is not simulating real-world conditions)  -- Washington, DC, USA - The Trucker, by SETH BORENSTEIN - May 15, 2017



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