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May 5, 2017


* NSW - Truckin' adventure around Australia

(My Job, Melbourne toTarcutta #1 - Australian Trucker Rod - Nov 20, 2016: I am an Aussie truck driver This is a video of my job, driving From Melbourne Vic. to Tarcutta N.S.W and Return. It's currently wet season here at the moment, and unfortunately I got caught in a massive downpour, hence the lens being a touch steamy) 

 --- Lindsey Cole seeks adventure on the open road by travelling her way around Australia with truck drivers ... There is no roadhouse too cold, B-double to loud or highway too long for British adventurer ... A wild-at-heart backpacker, Lindsey has spent the last few months criss-crossing this great brown land with the help of the trucking community, learning the ins and outs of the trade and coming to terms with the day in the life of the average truckie...

(Photo: Backpacker Lindsey Cole behind the wheel of a big rig) 

 ... After taking on a 16,000km walk along the barrier, meeting many locals along the way, the 34-year-old became hungry for more... Finally with a chance to fulfil her 10-year dream of circumnavigating the continent, Lindsey decided not only to take in the best of Australia but to also take the time to understand some of the people that keep the country moving... Like most visitors to the land down under, the intrepid explorer has been struck by the landscape... After spending so much time on the road, Lindsey learnt to avoid most of the deep-fried gems found at roadhouses... Looking at the road ahead, Lindsey is calling for any drivers headed north to Darwin to finish her trip... Follow Lindsey's adventure on her Facebook page, Lindsey Cole Truck Tales.
 Byron Bay, NSW, Australia - Big Rigs, by Kirstin Payne - 4th May 2017

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