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May 26, 2017

A Hotel on Wheels * USA: The Airstream Interstate van

* Ohio - The Van-Life Glamper  from Airstream Interstate

---  Marketing of the vehicle promises “refined relaxation” and a long list of top-notch amenities. It comes equipped with seatbelts for eight and sleeping accommodations for two adults, plus a galley and bathroom...
Beyond the galley and the bathroom is the rear area that also transforms into the bed. Two jumper seats face each other and a bench, or “power lounge,” reclines to a completely flat position with the flick of a switch. The side jumper seats pull out like a futon. The van came with Tommy Bahama linens stored in the overhead compartment above the bed. The “UltraLeather” upholstery on the seats makes them cushy enough for sleeping... The sleeping area is oversized and comfortably handled two adults, plus two kids who do not sleep in any one position for more than five minutes. It was snug, but not unlike what we experience most nights at home. The snoozing kids missed the initial bed transformation, but became enthralled with it every time after that...

... Another advantage of the campsite was the showers. Rinsing off inside the van would have pushed me to my limits – literally. When inside, my head touched the ceiling. While the shower would be perfect in a pinch, we skipped it this time...
(Photo from Airstream: Airstream Interstate van camper stock - Interstate Tommy Bahama Special Edition touring coach built on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 extended chassis)  -- Jackson Center, OH, USA -, by CARLY SCHAFFNER - MAY 26, 2017



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