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Apr 1, 2017

WEATHER TROUBLES * USA: Storms and Tornados

* Texas - Severe storms threaten Central US; Trucker dies in Oklahoma

--- A storm system blamed for the death of a truck driver in Oklahoma barreled eastward Wednesday, generating a tornado in Houston and threatening additional bad weather in the central United States... The day after three storm chasers died in a collision as they raced toward a tornado-warned storm in West Texas, the Storm Prediction Center said 17 million people from Missouri to Louisiana risked seeing twisters, hail and high winds on Wednesday. An even greater threat exists Thursday in northern Mississippi and western Tennessee... Department of Public Safety Sgt. John Gonzalez says a Chevrolet Suburban driven by Williamson ran a stop sign and slammed into a Jeep driven by Jaeger. Yarnall was a passenger in the Suburban. All three were killed instantly. Tornadoes had been reported nearby at the time of the crash and heavy rain had been reported in the area... 
(Photo - Severe weather, overturned United States Postal Service truck sits on the grounds of the Elementary school) -- Spur, Texas, USA — AP/US News - March 29, 2017



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