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Apr 5, 2017


* Victoria - Pallas says trucking in not paying its way on infrastructure

--- Tim Pallas, Victorian treasurer, has taken an opposite view to the industry on the cost burden. Pallas has rejected the trucking industry’s position that it overcompensates for the use and building of road infrastructure... The assertion comes as the nation’s highest-profile industry figure and Pallas have taken to mainstream media over the state government’s truck-centric tolling strategy... In an ongoing argument over toll increases of up to 125 per cent on Melbourne’s Transurban-run CityLink route, Linfox founder Lindsay Fox, argues "residential streets should remain residential" and not be subject to truck traffic, but this must be supported by upgrades to Victorian infrastructure... 
(Photo: Infrastructures in Victoria, Australia) -- Melbourne, VIC, Australia - ATN - 3 April 2017

* Victoria - Pledge for local truck bans with West Gate Tunnel

--- Industry says advice ignored as Victorian government forces more costs on operators, about its newly named West Gate Tunnel Projectthe former Western Distributor, the trucking industry digested more cost increases and the crimping of its ability to transport goods in Melbourne... The carrot of twin tunnels between the Westgate Freeway’s western West Gate Bridge approaches and the Port of Melbourne has been accompanied by the sticks of new forced tolls and the permanent banning of routes through Footscray... It has not gone down well with Victorian Transport Association (VTA), which notes the industry is "already under financial attack from disproportionate CityLink toll increases, higher registration and user charges and razor thin operating margins", while Container Transport Alliance Australia (CTAA) is calling for a ‘fair go’ on toll pricing for the link... 

(Photo: West Gate Tunnel Project announcement has left the industry deeply concerned)  --   Melbourne, VIC, Australia - ATN - 3 April 2017

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