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Apr 5, 2017


* DC - Tell Lawmakers which bad regs have hurt your business

--- According to the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, very few government regulations have been shown to improve highway safety. Many truck drivers would agree, and now OOIDA is asking for their stories... In its new campaign “Knock Out Bad Regs,” OOIDA states “Interstate truckers must put up with thousands of trucking-specific federal regulatory rules. It takes a publication the size of a thick phone book and hundreds of pages of tiny print to contain all those regs, yet very few have been shown to advance highway safety. With the new President and Congressional leadership on Capitol Hill committing to reduce regulatory burdens on small businesses, we are launching a multifaceted campaign to rally the trucking community to push lawmakers and the White House to keep their promises. LET’S KNOCK OUT BAD REGS!” ... They are calling on their members to identify regulations most harmful to them and their business and share them... 
(Photo) -- Washington, DC, USA - Go By Truck News - April 3, 2017

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