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Apr 24, 2017

THE WORST TRUCKER * USA: " Dude, that’s my car! "

* California - This might be the worst truck driver in America

--- A driver says he’s thankful to be alive after getting his car wedged beneath a truck and dragged for miles on a California highway — a white-knuckle moment caught on camera thanks to a quick-thinking motorist... Brian Steimke, of Hesperia, Calif., posted video of the incident on his Facebook page on Wednesday, showing a four-door Nissan Maxima being pulled by a big rig on California’s Interstate 15, near Cajon Pass... (SEE VIDEO) ... “Why were you driving so far?” Steimke after approaches the driver of the truck asked, “Dude, the guy’s on the end of your car.” ... “I didn’t know it,” the trucker replies... “What do you mean you didn’t know it, dude? He’s on your truck,” Steimke said. “You need to get out of your truck right now. He’s literally on your truck” ... The crash was not considered to be a criminal incident, California Highway Patrol officials told the station... 
Hesperia, CAL, USA - The MY Post, by Joshua Rhett Miller - April 20, 2017



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