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Apr 26, 2017

TESLA's TRUCKS * USA: Could also be a boon for trucking companies

* California - Tesla could add billions in revenue by entering the trucking market, analyst says

--- A high-tech Tesla semitruck could garner billions in revenue just by capturing a small fraction of the country's trucking market, according to one analyst. Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas says its announced entry into electric autonomous semitrucks makes "a lot of sense — maybe even more sense than passenger cars" ... If Tesla can sell about 25,000 trucks a year, Jonas estimates the company could add $2.5 billion in annual revenue just by capturing 10 percent of the total U.S. new truck market... Jonas also said, Tesla's move could be about building a service business... For example, the automaker could sell trucks without batteries (lowering initial costs) and then offer a battery swapping service. (Tesla has, in fact, started a battery swapping pilot program for its cars, as a faster alternative to charging, but the company has not spoken much about it lately) ... 
(Photo: Tesla's factory) -- Fremont, CAL, USA -, by Robert Ferris - 20 Apr 2017



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